IMF’s Grant Reception

| Michael Tuohy

On Saturday evening, the IMF holds their Annual Grant Reception where there is a mix of researchers, doctors, nurses, pharma partners, and patients! This is a very unique opportunity for patients to mingle and ask questions from those involved in multiple myeloma from bench to bedside. This evening is where the IMF presents their Annual […]

ASH 2015: And That’s a Wrap!

| Robin Tuohy

Well, I’m back home writing this blog, and ASH was a whirlwind of presentations, events, and networking. My brain is on overdrive, but it’s all good!  I’ve gone through miles of my notes and pictures; and for this last blog, I will focus on on Monday, Dec 7th—my last day at ASH. Please check out […]

Impressions from ASH 2015

| Jim Omel

Reflecting back on what we saw and heard at ASH 15, IMF support group leaders (SGLs) left Orlando with great hope for success against myeloma. Three new drug approvals in the two weeks preceding ASH were the talk of the meeting. Direct attack on myeloma cells by monoclonal antibodies gives us a new weapon with […]

A Dynamic Time at ASH 2015

| Hugh Schaffer

This has been an experience beyond my imagination. The fact that the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) extended an invitation to attend this year’s American Society of Hematology (ASH) Conference in Orlando, Florida, was humbling. I approached this project with anxiety, wondering if I could relay an accurate impression for those who would be reading my […]