Post-ASH 2015: A Time to Reflect

| Jim Barth

As four hectic days of symposiums, education sessions, poster sessions, oral sessions, interrupted only by working breakfasts and lunches, as well as shuttles back and forth to our temporary beds came to a close, it was time to reflect. This is a tough schedule for multiple myeloma patients who double as a support group leaders. […]

Global Advances in Multiple Myeloma Treatments

| Jim Barth

One thing that never seems to change with multiple myeloma is that nothing is black or white. There are more shades of gray than one can imagine. The more answers we get the more questions we have. That became quickly evident at our first major event on Friday, the IMF Symposium addressing Global Advances in […]

What Does Smoldering Myeloma Really Mean?

| Jim Barth

Two years ago I attended my first ASH symposium with little sense of what I was in for. I walked away somewhat bewildered by the plethora of late-breaking information presented on the latest in treatments for blood cancers. As a multiple myeloma patient and support group leader, my interest was focused on that specific blood […]