As much as things have changed, they have remained the same

| Yelak Biru

The 57th American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference started with two important pre meetings: the Global Myeloma Action Network and the International Myeloma Satellite Symposium. The Global Myeloma Action Network or GMAN, is the advocacy arm of the International Myeloma Foundation and its mission is to increase availability and access of myeloma treatment to all […]

Converting Fear to Realistic and Actionable Hope

| Yelak Biru

In his pre-2014 IMF ASH write-up, Dr. Durie said, “This year, there doesn’t appear to be the sort of news that will reset the needle in the myeloma landscape.” However, last year, Dr. Keith Stewart’s ASPIRE presentation about Progression Free Survival (PFS) of 26+ months (vs. 17 with Rd) was one of the main highlights […]