Go IMWG and the Ohio State Bucks!

| Nick Menedis

I am sitting here typing my first blog for #ASH2015. I leave today, Wednesday, December 2nd, and will be there until December 8th. Because I have been chosen by the Celgene Corporation to be trained as an “Ambassador,” I am arriving a day early. With this distinction, I will be presenting on the myeloma drug Revlimid®. Then, I will be among my IMF brethren for the rest of the conference.

I am excited to attend for the second time this year. I hope to learn about the latest and greatest discoveries that surround multiple myeloma (MM). I look forward to sitting in the same room among the doctors that make up the International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG).  In my opinion, they make up the greatest medical minds in the world—all sharing the goal to find the best way to treat and eventually cure MM.

In the meantime, stay tuned. By the way, two years ago, I mentioned having to set aside my feelings about an Ohio State University loss. However, this year, I get to relish over the Bucks’ new coach and their decisive victory over Michigan.

Stay tuned, and GO BUCKS!

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  1. United in the fight against Myeloma. Let´s hear about the new developments. That´s what´s most important! Go Blue. Geert, Hamburg, Germany.

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