Jump In!

| Hugh Schaffer

When you were younger, how many times did you hear that at the pool or dockside at your favorite lake?

I have been thinking about our newly diagnosed patients, caregivers, families, and friends.  It seems that when the myeloma diagnosis came along, you “Jumped in” and tried to learn as much as possible about this cancer and treatment options open to you. And that has been a daunting task. Perhaps further down this path, you are thankfully in remission and are waiting.

Once again, you are hearing “Jump in”.  This weekend has provided yet another window into our possibilities.  The American Society of Hematology Conference (ASH) is a look at possibilities for each of us. Future treatment options have been studied and are being presented.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed in the details. I urge you to jump in and read, as well as listen and talk about your possibilities.  These are exciting times!

Jump In!

by Hugh Schaffer
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Cincinnati Multiple Myeloma Networking Group
Cincinnati, Ohio

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