Looking Ahead to ASH 2015

| Anne Pacowta

As I prepare to attend ASH for a second time, so much flows through my mind. What new therapies will be discussed? What treatments are in clinical trials? How close are we to a cure?

Twelve years ago, when my husband was diagnosed, thalidomide and dexamethasone were the standard of treatment. I wonder, “How far we have come since then? And how far do we have to go?”

I’m privileged to be part of the IMF support group leaders who have a personal interest in the presentations of the brilliant doctors and researchers working diligently to help find new and better treatments for the myeloma patients, and ultimately, to find a cure. I hope to arm myself with much knowledge to bring back to my support group and the groups in Florida.

I look forward to long, exhausting, yet exciting days. I hope to forge bonds with other leaders. And, I’m sure, be overwhelmed, yet exhilarated by all the valuable information presented.

Thank you IMF for this opportunity!

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The North Florida Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group
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